Union County Historical Society
"Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow"

Mock House Exhibits and Restored Payne Cabin

The Mountain Life Museum consists of several historic buildings; the Mock House and the Civil War-era Payne Cabin, barn, corn-crib and smithy. The 1906 Mock House is restored as much as possible to its original condition. Each room is decorated using period correct items and furniture. These rooms include the Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, and Bedroom. There is also a gift shop in one of the side rooms.

Mock House Living Room

Mock House Living Room Picture

Mock House Dining Room

Mock House Dining Room Picture

Mock House Kitchen

Mock House Kitchen Picture

Mock House Bedroom

Mock House Bedroom Picture

Mock House Gift Shop

Museum Gift Shop Picture

Civil War-era Payne Cabin, Barn and Corn-crib

The Payne Cabin was bought, moved and reassembled by descendants of the Payne family, members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and others. Most items in the house, such as the bed and spinning wheel, date back to the 1800s. There is also a restored barn and corn-crib on the grounds.

Payne Cabin

Payne Cabin Picture

Barn and Corn-crib

Barn and Corn-crib Picture